02 / 02 2017

After solving all important constructive questions and problems, the first tests of our idea were in practice! At this stage of Elasto development, we tested the basic concept in the wind tunnel and also for the first time in flight. A testing prototype was build from the Espadita fuselage and elevator, and the brand new […]

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29 / 01 2017

We have prepared our world-class classic among compact all-rounder as ARTF now.   Existing changes:   – Servo support and bowden cables for the v-tail already glued in the fuselage:      -Cabin cover fitted with lock:   – Rudder horn in the v-tail complete glued: – Wiring for the aileron in the wing finished, […]

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20 / 09 2016

We have prepared for you new color schemes for easier choice of their model designs. More under:

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04 / 04 2016

We are working intensively on a new model ELASTO. Fuselage Here are a few photos of master form of fuselage:      Wings and v-tail And a few photos of master form of wings and v-tail:    

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06 / 02 2016

Dear customers, aviators and all friends of flying, as the time goes on, the necessity becomes reality. My dream always was to design and produce the world’s best model gliders. Only you can decide whether this dream became true until today, and your interest in my models justifies that I get as close to this […]

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