31 / 10 2019

New Elasto lightweight version ready for the F5J competition!

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The next level:
New Elasto lightweight version ready for the F5J competition!

So far, we have been producing the standard version of the Elasto (for everyday use / F5J competitions) as well as a special released version for the competition F3J winch-start. F3J wing of course can also be combined with the electric fuselage and flown in F5J/in everyday use.

The takeoff weights of these electrified versions with the standard wing are currently at 1600g, event. 1700g for the F3J wing.

Thus, we provide you with high-performance thermal flight models for the high competition needs, which are also perfectly suitable for everyday use with extremely friendly handling. Thanks to the Elasto construction principle, every version with a well above-average breaking load and flutter-resistant wing impresses in this lightweight class.

F5J models are demanded to be  as light as possible  to deliver  a best  competition performance in  difficult weather conditions. Such models combine  incredible low sink rate with magnificiante abbility to do tight turns.

But where is light is  shadow too.

In conventional model designs, the lightweight  requires diligent handling on the ground and in the air.
However  the design of  conventional lightweight models allows them to use very narrow range of available speed. While  Elasto thanks to its  unique design  and rigid construction  allows it  to fly at nearly any air speed.

Aware of pilots demand  for ideal  lightweight glider  we  used uniqness  of Elasto design to deliver  the  competition version, which  combines  all advantages of  lightweight and  the aerodynamical characteristic of Elasto wing .

We achieve take-off weights  less than 1300 grams with correspondingly low sink rates !

Without question, the new lightweight version of the Elasto proves the correctness of this concept very clearly!

Enjoy the next level!

A link to the Elasto weight table: