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Back to the roots …

Our current competition model for the FAI classes F3J / F5J
and a high-performance thermal glider for dedicated everyday use

Our Elasto is the world’s first series-produced aircraft model with a completely flexible profile!
Although being the dream of aerodynamicists and aircraft builders of the early era, such a wing was not yet successfully developed until today.
Perhaps also due to perfected flap profiles and a conventional surface structure, Elasto is able to deliver superb performance.
But we did not want only want to produce just a novelty, but as already several times in the last three decades of our successful company history, a true milestone!
Our goal was to produce an airplane with the ideal wing.
Inspired by the wings of the birds we have achieved the aerodynamic purity of the wing: rigid at the leading edge and flexible at the trailing edge without defined control surfaces and tear-off edges. Wing of Elasto therefore achieves a significantly lower profile resistance in all speed ranges.
This “elastic” wing was our dream and is the successful result of more than 5 years (!) of intensive development.
The now patented Elasto technology allows the entire characteristic of the airfoil to be changed nearly anyhow is needed “simply” bending the trailing edge!
With our amazingly simple and lightweight mechanism, Elasto do not just provide the option of changing the profile continuously over more than 50 percent in the airfoil depth, but also in the spanwise direction.

This allows wing to keep its highest performance no matter whether in thermal, straight glide, high-speed flight or in the terms of controllability of the aircraft.
The versatility of this system is the basis for Elasto design allows it to be used as a high performance thermal flight model with very low wing loading together with superb glide characteristics in wide range of airspeed.
With a clear conscience, we claim that at the same time the torsional stiffness and the breaking load of our Elasto-wing are above conventional designs with a similar low weight.
Elasto technology allows us to produce model designs that are perfectly optimised for your needs. (please refer to technical data table below)
The standard F5J (electric) version offers all advantages of Elasto design in all-round use (whether outside or in a competition).
We also offer the special electric light version with more than sufficient strength for the dynamic thermal flight for all weight fanatics and F5J competition pilots.
The weight savings are achieved by a lighter handle and elaborate, vacuum-drawn lamination steps.
With its reinforced handlebar and reinforced front full carbon D-box, the F3J-sailer version is incredibly high-start-up with incredibly low weight.

Whatever your choice, you will be amazed!

– Further information on Elasto can be found in the article “Introduction Elasto“.

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Elasto F3J von Jaro Müller from Kurt Eichenberger on Vimeo.