EGIDA 3,65 m

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The EGIDA is very easy to fly. While in a turn it required very little rudder, and can completely be flown with the right stick. This is because of the extra dihedral built into the tips. This creates a very user friendly model, and allows you to focus on the air more than flying the plane. The aileron area is also increased and they are extended all to the tip allowing for a less drag in a turn and increased roll rate.


Technical drawing:


A F3J / F5J model is a thermal glider that has been specially optimized to fly as long as possible under (almost) all conditions!
That’s right … and our Egida is certainly among the models successfully flown worldwide in the competition.
The fact that this seemingly simple-looking “load booklet” under competition demands much more, is shown by our customer Jeff Egford’s Egida, piloted by Paul Naton in Pennsylvania / USA.
In order to successfully fly a model as long as possible in all weather conditions in the competition, it should be distinguished by a high breaking load of the wing and fuselage rigidity with the simplest handling and good flight performance.
The high start required in F3J as well as the pinpoint landing on plots makes this clear.
….. All qualities that are not discussed worldwide in Jaro Müller models.
And just this brings the everyday pilots the basis for pure, long-term fun in a wide range of uses!

Motorized with a Leomotion 3025, the almost 2000 gram Egida shows what is possible with such a high-end sniffer at today’s performance standards after long, relaxing thermal flights;
Range of application with pure dynamics; if you want it …….
Thanks Jeff and Paul for this inspiring video and a lot of all-round fun but also long thermals with our Egida.