10 / 10 2019

Special production of the receiver JETI REX 12

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For the Elasto we supply the REX 12 receiver in a custom-made, which is manufactured especially for us at JETI.
This “Jaro Müller Edition” contains the following changes, which of course are also profitable for other purpose sailors:
– No central power connection via an MPX plug, as this is simply too large for purpose-optimized, slim (electric) sailer hulls and equally unnecessarily high in the possible current load.
Instead, the connection (as usual with other receivers) simply via one (or more) servo plug. Here are plus and minus looped through the board,
so that any unoccupied servo plug at the receiver can be used as a voltage input (if necessary, also via a V-cable.)

– No dipole antenna: Especially in carbon fiber hulls, the antennas for undisturbed reception and optimal range must necessarily out of the fuselage!
The antenna amplifiers of the REX 12’s standard version of the dipole antenna interfere enormously and also offer unnecessary air resistance.
In addition, interferes with the original antenna length of 2x 400 mm in a purpose-optimized (electric)  sailor hull in the optimal installation.
The antennas of the “REX 12 / Jaro Müller Edition” with 2x200mm for the intended use, however, are optimal.
The missing dipole antenna theoretically reduces the range minimally, but in practice this does not work! You can easily fly with your model to the line of sight (you do that with comparably designed receivers with a lower number of channels)