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Our performance-oriented gliders have become a household name for perfection, friendly handling and first-class flight performance in over three decades.
It was not uncommon for us to be able to significantly influence or even initiate trends during this time.
And we still have a lot in the quiver for the future; Performance-optimized gliders in excellent quality, innovative technology and fascinating detailed solutions will remain the focus of our work.
But as a aeromodelers with body and soul, other fascinating areas of model flight naturally do not leave us without a trace.
For decades, members of our team have also been insiders in the highly demanding international motor aerobatic class F3A, where they are also competitive.
For our own needs of perfectionists, it has long been a thorn in our eye that everyday aerobatic flying is dominated by filigree wooden constructions with film covering or even polystyrene models.
These constructions all have good flight characteristics; however, they are often also subject to structural weaknesses such as torn out undercarriages, constant trimming due to warping, catastrophic spare parts supply and, despite careful handling, often with a shabby appearance after only a few hours of flight.
This is not our idea of ​​model airplanes and so after each disappointment we had decided never to invest in this way again.
Unfortunately we often relapsed due to a lack of model alternatives and … .. we were annoyed again.
Of course, it is clear to us why people in this segment do not like to use high-quality construction methods. With the manufacturing techniques widely used in the motorized flying segment, a full GRP version often brings with it a less favorable flight weight in addition to higher manufacturing costs / expenditure.
Successful providers in the gliding segment are a decisive step further with regard to composite technology!
That is why thoughts have been in our heads for a long time:
you could … you should … you have to … we have done it now!
The result is an aerobatic model for perfectionists!
We have created the electric aerobatic model / Funacro model FLIK with our globally recognized full composite technology!
Not a model for everyone! But for everyone who loves and appreciates aerobatic models to perfection.

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Technical parameters:

Wing span:  1400mm
Length: 1460mm
Wing area: 41,2dm2
Horisontal stab area: 8,3dm2
Flight weight: from app. 2180g
Power battery: Lipo 4S-6S