22 / 03 2024

Customer information about the Mini-Ellipse

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Unfortunately we have to inform you that, contrary to our own announcements, the successor to our Mini-Ellipse will not be available in 2024!
We know this is a marketing disaster!
A model that has been successful for almost three decades should not be allowed to expire without a successor being immediately available…

But it cannot be helped; the current moulds of the Mini-ellipse were also processed in such a way that a production could be made from them
was simply no longer economical and therefore had to be discontinued promptly. The old moulds were destroyed.
Only fuselages are available to order; all wings and V-Ltw still in stock have now been sold off.

Before we invested the not inconsiderable amount and time in new, identical moulds, the decision was made to use this as an opportunity
to revise the Mini-ellipse.
The new version (V2) of the Mini-Ellipse will have a two-part wing and a pluggable V-Ltw.
The profile and geometry of the wing remain the same.
We will attach great importance to ensuring that the wing of the previous version of our Mini-Ellipse will be compatible with the new fuselage.

Unfortunately, the initially planned schedule could not be adhered to; also because we have set other priorities / were imposed on us by orders.

In short, the Mini-Ellipse V 2 is coming and it will continue the probably unique success of the original version!
But unfortunately not before the end of the 2024 season.

We would still be happy if you were still interested in the Mini Ellipse V2 in 2025!

Your Jaro Müller composite team