19 / 03 2018

Elasto production started!

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After five intensive years of development, granting a patent for our unique principle of homogeneous profile warping with no defined hinge edges and extensive flight testing, we proudly release the serial production of our Elasto!
We are confident that the model is already fully developed.
To the best of our knowledge, no model has been tested more until it is ready for series production. But really new ways require secured knowledge.
As an option buyer you have the opportunity to suggest design solutions in addition to the introductory price and a preferred production!
If your proposal is technologically and economically feasible for mass production, we will gladly offer you your desired design in the future!
The Elasto is now available in the glider version (F3J) and the electric version (F5J).
Both versions are offered exclusively in carbon construction.
The take-off weight of the glider variant is about 1450 grams, electrically depending on the engine used from 1500 grams. (!!)
The wing has such a high bending and torsional rigidity that we can safely do without a reinforced version.
In production, we were able to go one step further with the globally respected Jaro Müller quality. This also concerns the prefabrication … ..

For the Elasto are available as optional accessories:
– our well-known protective bags
– An inlet set for the carbon-connector as 400 grams additional ballast
– a built-in, fully wired servoset, consisting of
6x servo KST X10 MINI (4x flaps, 2x ailerons)
2x KST X08N V5 (ailerons) and
2x KST DS315 MG (V-tail)
The servos should be operated with HV (7.4-8.4 V).

The electric version is for motors with a weight of max. 100 grams and a max. diameter of 28 mm suitable. (Spinner diameter is 32 mm).
We are happy to advise you when necessary in the choice of engine.
For the low-impact concern of the propeller in gliding we recommend the staggered spinners by Rudolf Freudenthaler with the appropriate CFK props.
The matching drive battery Lipo 3s will have a capacity of around 1800 mAh, depending on the weight of the engine.
We recommend ESC YGE 65LVT, it’s avialble at us.
To power the 10 servos; with integrated in the controller BEC is to ensure sufficient performance true 8 Amp continuous power should be!