06 / 03 2017

Important informations from our production!

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Jaro müller composites attach great importance to a long-term and serious spare parts supply;  this is and remains one of our philosophies!
Nevertheless, we could not lose sight of the economic aspects.

As a result, we had to streamline our product range at the beginning of 2017.
It concerns the production of the models Ellipse 2, Esprit and Espada R, Espada RL
The spare parts which can still be produced can be found in our current price lists for these models!

We will do everything that is economically acceptable to produce every in our pricelists still listed part as long as possible.
After a production time of 20 years (!) and many thousands of parts, some moulds are so “down” and the production process so overhauled that it was absolutely no longer economical for us to produce parts in the past years.
The time required for this also affected the production of our current models.
At least, we promise us through this “cut” to be more flexibly in the production of the current models Espadita, Egida and Eldorado.

Even new moulds are no longer cost-effective due to the ever-decreasing demand for spare parts after so many production years.

We ask for your understanding and, if necessary, we recommend a search on the secondhand market.
The chances are not bad; there are certainly a few hundreds of these models “in the active status”.

Of course we producing modern successor for all current closed products.
You will be surprised what has been done over the years in terms of production technology and of flight -performance!