04 / 02 2017

We have received a patent for Elasto wing

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It is known that the greatest engineering skill is in the simple solution.
We have been thinking many times how to change the wing profile , until we have found our ELASTO .
Not only because we generally do not bring novelties only for the novelty, but because we have entered a new territory. But the idea of ​​the ideal wing was worth it.
The result is an extremely functional system that looks as simple as it ultimately works.
The many reflections, thoughts, aborts and experiments are not visible  in  this simple solution.
A reason for us to patent it.
The patent for industrial designs (patent no. 7663), which has now been granted, it indicates  a real innovative solution and protects it worldwide from those who like to take up ideas of others.
Especially if they are as revolutionary as our ELASTO.
We are proud of it and look forward to the experiences of the first ELASTO customers!