02 / 02 2017

First tests of the mechanics on a real Elasto wing

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After solving all important constructive questions and problems, the first tests of our idea were in practice! At this stage of Elasto development, we tested the basic concept in the wind tunnel and also for the first time in flight.
A testing prototype was build from the Espadita fuselage and elevator, and the brand new wing construction, adapted from the outer wing of the Ellipse 2. We can tell the test was very succesfull , flying performance and attributes overcomed our expectations.We are happy after all the engineering hours ……..


At a later stage of testing, we have produced a wing middle part of our future Elasto.
On wing middle part we tested, among others, the newly developed drive mechanism of the flaps.
When we have seen the simple-looking mechanic, we almost did not believe how many experiments were necessary! The genius is in the simplicity ….


At the same middle part we also tested the drive mechanics of the ailerons with 2 servos. This allows a wing trailling edge twisting. The harmful resistance between the wing and the thrust aileron is eliminated this way.