ELASTO 3,8 m

High-performance thermal glider

ELASTO – Back to the roots…

During over 5 years long we are busy at work on the evolvement of new Elasto model. Our objective is to produce an airplane with the ideal wing, inspired by the wings of birds – the dream of aerodynamicists and the airplanes constructers of the early era, that have not been successfully developed until these days. The wing, that allows air to flow around without any interferences or induced drag caused by control surfaces, rigid on it´s leading edge and flexible on the trailing one, allowing to reach the highest possible wing´s aerodynamical clearness.
An elastic wing is truly a dream that could allow to change it´s characteristics from simple bending of the trailing edge to the whole form of the airfoil resulting in the highest possible glide performance and the controlability of the glider. Versatility of this system allow the glider to be used in various competition categories.





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