Sometimes the compromise is not the bad solution. Eldorado combines the best what the F3F and F3B gliders can offer. It’s characteristic elliptic wing provides the best lift distribution on whole wing area making the roughest manoeuvres possible. Thanks to it’s speciallly designed airfoils and wing twist it negates the wrong characteristics of the elliptic wing such as instability at high angle of attack or low speed. Time has proven the Eldorado allows the fastest ridge manoeuvring. The great rigidity of it’s construction makes the most confident aerobatic manoeuvres possible, differing it from other F3F/F3B gliders.


wing span 3093 mm
wing area 50,8 dm2
aspect ratio 18,8
wing airfoil jaro 8,7 / 1,7 – 7,5 / 1,5
V-tail area 5,3 dm2
length 1672 mm
weight 2050-3900 g


Technical drawing:



Download manual

Please find user manual for download at Eldorado 3,1 m Manual.

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