EGIDA 3,65 m

The EGIDA is very easy to fly. While in a turn it required very little rudder, and can completely be flown with the right stick. This is because of the extra dihedral built into the tips. This creates a very user friendly model, and allows you to focus on the air more than flying the plane. The aileron area is also increased and they are extended all to the tip allowing for a less drag in a turn and increased roll rate.


wing span 3625 mm
 wing area  64,2 dm2
 aspect ratio  20,5
 wing airfoil  jaro 8,7 / 2 – 7,5 / 1,8
 V-tail area  6,5 dm2
length  1672 mm
 weight – normal version  1900 g
 weight – light version  1550 g

Technical drawing:




Download manual:

Please find user manual for download at EGIDA 3,65 m Manual.

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