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We are glad you take the time to get acquainted our company.

Jaro Müller composites offer the ambitious model pilot competitive glider- and electric-glider models in a perfect full-GFK/CFK construction. Their efficiency and outstanding performance has been proved worldwide in overwhelming competition successes but also in their routine use on a daily basis, for more than 30 years.

His engagement in international competitions since eighties makes Jaro Müller a GFK-specialist of the first hour. His former model, accessible to only a few insiders only, had made already a first-class reputation among the world- class pilots.

Due to the considerable demand, in 1985 the road to self-employment was dared and nowadays the Jaro Müller composites team with all his qualified employees offers you professionally manufactured full-GFK models of the highest possible quality and efficiency, in which we invest all of our experiences together with professional and personal passion.

The quality of our models is always measured by our own very high standards; our manufacturing quality is recognized by competitors as a world leader.

Until today, in the phase of development we prefer to think twice and very thoroughly; even if we’re not able to offer you a quickly designed new models every year. News from Jaro Müller always embody innovations and more than just a new name….

Concerning the manufacture, our efforts lay clearly above the standard; with a Jaro Müller model you get an exclusive, hand-made product of stable value. All components are calculated for the given kinds of use with a multitude of security. Guideline is not the resulting break-load, but far beyond it, rigidity as high as possible at minimal weight. Each bending of the cell costs flight-energy and also performance!

By the costly working techniques and the careful choice of material, we get this robustness of our models demanded by competitions, what bring the pilots enormous advantages in everyday use.

An extremely advanced prefabrication is also a meaning of quality for use, therefore, Jaro Müller models always knows how to set the measures!

With all the efficiency, each of our models is known by its already proverbial “friendly” handling. Everybody who is able to fly a three-axle model, will control our models safely and fly them at their full performance. Moreover, we are glad to pass all our experiences gained by a hundreds of starts with each type of a model to everybody; therefore, the time-consuming approach to the optimal model setting / adjustment does not apply to you!

The very successful use of our models also for the non-competitive flying is for us the logical consequence of our engagement; we are allowed to say, not without pride, that Jaro Müller models have relevant influence on routine flying, too.

We do not boast of past successes – now and tomorrow is our drive! Nevertheless, we are pleased that our Ellipse, Mini-Ellipse, Esprit, Elita, Espada, Espadita and Espadita, Egida and Eldorado, just from the recent past, have the remarkable reputation world-wide. By the way, all competitor successes were flown with models corresponding to standard models in all details, what is not a matter of course for other manufacturers!

Apart from the excellent construction, our well known service also belongs to Jaro Müller heritage. Because the Jaro Müller quality is more than a statement for us. It is a promise, because the purchase of a Jaro Müller model means for us the beginning of a trustful partnership.

If your Jaro Müller model against all expectations will come up with a small problem, you have not really a problem. You are welcome to call us, we are here for you every day!

In addition to the most-competent advice, we also strive to ensure the supply of spare parts as long as it is economically viable. The running times of all previous models are well over a decade; who may offer this?

Finally, a Jaro Müller model is calculated really precisely. Of course our particular way to produce models is a little bit more expensive, but as far as pilots like you appreciate this expense, it is worth the effort.

Your decision to purchase a Jaro Müller model is an impressive evidence for your high demands. And not at least pilots like you made Jaro Müller models to that what they are today:

The top-models for demanding people!

jaro müller composites: your competent partner for more than 30 years in model gliding!